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The Language & Cultural Club, TLCC provides an incredible experience for young children to learn Spanish with an additional cultural side.  Our classes are designed to create enthusiasm and enjoymnent for the language through music and play.

We teach Spanish in an immersion setting using a natural approach to language acquisition in the classroom. Classes are taught 90% in Spanish. 

​Are you looking for a partner in bilingual education? Are you interested in Spanish clubs?  We can bring our program to your school now!

TAKE A SURVEY! We are transitioning to distance learning Spanish classes during the school closings due to Covid-19.  We need to know if you would participate in online classes with our amazing teachers.


Enrichment/After School Program and Clubs: Offered at preschools, private and public schools in Howard County and surrounding areas in Maryland,  for children, ages 3.5 to 10 years old, Grades (Pre-K to 5).  
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Announcement (COVID-19) Important Update

Classes for Active Aging Adults: We are excited to announce that we are now offering Spanish workshops for active aging adults (ages 60+). Our instruction will be a sequential learning experience that also explores the various cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. Click here to learn more....  

Spanish made fun and easy!

We offer FREE SAMPLE CLASSES in Spanish for new schools, senior centers, retirement homes, and assisted living facilities!  

By providing these innovative programs, we want to enrich the lives of children and active aging adults in the area through partnerships with specialized organizations.

Check our upcoming classes in the area to find a class.  If you don't see your school or center here, please send your inquiry to: ​​[email protected] com. We will be happy to implement our program at your facility.

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Our Mission
Why Spanish?
Our Curriculum

Provide enrichment opportunities for young children to learn the Spanish language and culture through immersion and interactive, play-based activities.


  • Our goal is to create spaces for young children so they can explore, discover and learn about the Spanish culture and the world around them.​                                          ​​
  • We want to facilitate opportunities for novice learners to learn, build knowledge, connect with others in Spanish and use the language in real life situations.  

These are good reasons for your children to learn Spanish now:

  • Build Brain Power
  • Develop an authentic accent
  • Embrace natural learning
  • Build the foundation for reading excellence
  • ​Improved cognitive and problem-     solving skills
  • Encourage cultural sensitivity

With an estimated 41 million native Spanish speakers and 11.6 million bilinguals, the United States is second only to Mexico as having the most Spanish speakers in the world. Spanish provides a more practical opportunity for daily application than any other language.  Once a child has learned another language, they are able to transfer those skills to learning another language but Spanish is a functional academic add-on while providing all the cognitive advantages.

Our curriculum is designed by a team of experts in bilingual education and linguistic development, which is aligned with the world-readiness standards for learning languages set by the American Council on Teaching Foreign Languages, ACTFL.

We are working in association with the Maryland Foreign Language Association (MFLA) to meet and exceed the standards for World Languages.
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​​We use comprehensible input, the natural approach to language acquisition in the classrooms, and  Total Physical Response (TPR), found through research to be the best method to learn a foreign language.  
Our Goals

Our Approach

Our programs are designed to teach young children the Spanish language through a multi-sensory approach that stimulates their natural learning style. We guide them to experience, explore and discover the language and culture through music and creative play.  
Our classes are conducted 90% in Spanish so our students are exposed naturally to learn the language through fun activities, real-life situations, and social interaction,   

Culture influences all aspects of a child’s development and frames their experiences of early learning.  At the Language & Cultural Club, TLCC, we are proud to promote diversity, build confidence and respect for others. 

"We teach Spanish from the start and culture to the end" 

The Language & Cultural Club

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