Our Curriculum

​​Total Physical Response (TPR)​

At the Language & Cultural Club, we carefully structure our lesson plans so our classes are engaging, active, and fun.  Our interactive, play-based curriculum and activities invite students to learn the language and experience the culture through music and comprehensible input (natural approach to language adquisition in the classroom).   The learning outcomes for novice learners are expressed as "CAN-DO statements" ​​
Our state and team of educators are very proud sponsors of the Tic-Talk Spanish methodology. We are a certified licensee for the exclusive region of Howard County and surrounding areas in Maryland.
The music collections developed exclusively by Tic-Talk Spanish, are the cornerstone of the methodology used in class.


In all our classes, we use Total Physical Response (TPR), which is found through research to be the best method to learn a foreign language. TPR teaching method involves giving commands and eliciting students' reaction with gestures, visuals, actions, the manipulation of objects and music.  

TPR method

  • Incorporates listening and movement to learn a language
  • Comprehension precedes production, and non verbal response is allowed
  • TPR seeks to produce high motivation in learning through reducing the students' anxiety
  • TPR is fun and motivates the students' participation​ in class.

Benefits of TPR​​
The TPR method uses a gesture for each vocabulary word, the song method incorporates the vocabulary words into a rhythm and the flashcards reinforce language and literacy"

  • The combination of these methods are developmentally appropriate for young age learners
  • Young children particularly learn well through internalizing patterns and routines without a conscious knowledge of how much they are actually learning 
  • Music and Rhythm activate the right side of the brain, which offers success to those who like to express themselves in ways other than paper and pencil
  • Several studies have proven that performing actions instead of memorizing foster better and long term retention
  • Dr. James J. Asher is the creator of TPR 

   World-Readiness Standards

Our curriculum is created to meet and exceed the standards for learning languages set by ACTLF, (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages).  We also follow Maryland State Department of Education objectives for world languages, with emphasis in the following areas:

Our Curriculum promotes:

1. Language development with emphasis on auditory comprehension and oral expression.

2. Pre-reading development through engaging topics, flash cards, activities and music.

3. Confidence through dramatic play and classroom presentations.

4. Cognitive, physical and emotional development.

5. Cultural diversity through cooking, celebration and study of historical figures and events.

6. Confidence and respect for others.

7. Curiosity and opportunities to explore and play while learning Spanish.


Tic-Talk Spanish Music collections can be found in Itunes.  Get the albums and songs by c licking here!



we appeal to the children's multiple intelligences 




We use the Tic-Talk Spanish Music Collections in our classes.  

This song is used while our students play and make yummy cookies/ricas galletas in Spanish class.

Here, students are learning about the facial features, while they sing in ​Spanish.

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