Our programs are designed to teach young children the Spanish language through a multi-sensory approach that stimulates their natural learning style. We guide them to experience, explore, and discover the language and culture through music, and creative play. 
Our classes are conducted 90% in Spanish so our students are exposed naturally to learn the language through fun activities, projects and social interaction. We offer practical lessons, and our students learn to use the language in real-life situations. 

We use Total Physical Response (TPR), found through research to be the best method to learn a foreign language.  Classes are taught by fully trained and pre-screened bilingual educators.   Meet our team of teachers!

Culture influences all aspects of a child’s development and frames their experiences of early learning. Our purpose is to provide Spanish instruction to novice learners (students in grades Pre-K through 5th grade), in alignment with the world-readiness standards for learning languages by ACTFL and MFLA (Maryland Foreign Language Association). 


Howard County, Maryland

  1. All our clubs are progressive, and we will be always teaching something new and exciting! Clubs are conducted 90% in Spanish for novice learners, and we customize them according to your school needs. We offer separate thematic units, where students can enrich the learning experiences of the Spanish language and culture, and give a real use of the new vocabulary. Our clubs start with a minimum of six students. We are currently looking at venues for these clubs. If you would like a club in your area please, contact us! Ages: 3.5 to 10 years old - Grades: Pre-K to 5th Grade (Novice Low Level)
    Spanish Clubs
  2. We support diversity and teaching children to embrace the world around them. Students learn about geography, culture, traditions, crafts, food, etc., and they enjoy the class 100% in Spanish. Our cultural days include: Latin American celebrations, artists, dances around the world, main products and sports. We organize activities and sponsor multicultural events at preschools, elementary schools and community centers to celebrate the culture and traditions of the Spanish-speaking countries. Contact us if you want us to be part of your multi-cultural events, International nights or Hispanic Heritage Month celebrations!
    Cultural Days
  3. Are you looking for a language program or an enrichment program? We provide an effective curriculum, and experienced teachers to implement our program at your school or location. We take care of the materials and the enrollment process. We offer one FREE sample class at participating schools to allow future students to try out the class before they enroll in our classes. With this class, Directors and parents can get a good idea of our methodology before committing to our program. Please contact us to get started!
    Sample Classes
  4. We incorporate our 60 minute session daily during one week to your school camp or activity. Games, contests, art, culture, cookery, crafts, dance, songs and all in Spanish!. Different activities depending on age group and children's choice. We offer global themes such as: Celebrations around the world, travel to South America, Viva Mexico, the Olympics, markets & flavors, etc. We run these clubs during the summer, in partnership with some schools or learning centers that offer summer camps with instruction in Spanish. Ages: 5 to 10 years old (Novice learners)
  5. We offer private instruction in Spanish at your own home, library or church. Our educators come to your place and provide high quality lessons using our curriculum. We accommodate our program to your needs and schedule. This program is for students, ages 5 to 14 years old. Private or group instruction is offered every week in Howard County, and surrounding areas in Maryland. All materials are included. Rates may vary depending on location and group size. Requirements: A minimum of 6 classes to start the private instruction. Group instruction at home is limited to a maximum of 3 students. Duration: 1 hour
    Private Instruction
  6. The Platinum Club/Club Platino, was created to extend the joys of language learning to 60+ adults. Participants will learn and practice the Spanish language and be able to explore the various cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. We offer enjoyable enrichment opportunities to learn the Spanish language and culture through entertainment and networking at senior living centers and retirement homes.
    Platinum Club for Senior Adults
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After-school  Programs
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Participant Schools

We have been chosen by:

  • Atholton Elementary School
  • Bryant Woods Elementary
  • Clemens Crossing Elementary
  • Forest Ridge Elementary School
  • Longfellow Elementary School
  • Northfield Elementary School
  • Swansfield Elementary School
  • Thunder Hill Elementary School
  • Waterloo Elementary School
  • Waverly Elementary School
  • Worthington Elementary School
  • GUMC Preschool, Glenelg
  • Hilltop Child Care Center, Clarksville
  • Chapelgate Preschool
  • St. Johns Parish Day School
  • Mt. Hebron Nursery School
  • Clarlen Nursery School
  • Resurrection St. Paul School
  • US Tae Kwon Do, Ellicott City
  • Moms Club of Ellicott City
  • Howard County Library, Miller Branch
  • Stevens Forest Elementary School
  • St. Johns Elementary School

Partnerships with:

  • Little Big Minds Spanish Immersion Preschool, Phoenix, AZ
  • Campanita Kindergarten, Colombia 

Bring our program to: 

  • Your preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • Daycare center
  • Private and public elementary schools
  • Community center
  • Summer day camp
  • Park & recreation center
  • Church
  • Temple
  • Library
  • Homeschool program or play group.  

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Our Classes

The Language & Cultural Club offers interactive programs and play-based classes for students ages 3.5 to 10 years old.
 Language & Culture through music and play! 

​We teach Spanish from the start and culture to the end!