Dolly Bermudez is the founder of The Language & Cultural Club (TLCC), and the Program Director of Tic-Talk Spanish, Maryland.

Dolly was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, and she holds a Bachelors’ degree in Business Administration from UIA Mexico, and a Bachelors’ degree in Marketing & Advertising from UJTL Colombia. She has lived in Maryland since 2008. She is a wife and a mother of two awesome kids, who are fully bilingual.
After working in corporate finance in Bogota for several years, and traveling extensively with her family, she has volunteered in different private schools and got involved actively in Howard County Public School System - HCPSS since 2008.  Finally, in 2013, she decided to follow her passion and found her own business, The Language & Cultural Club (TLCC). This organization is currently providing enrichment classes in 18 area schools and bringing this exciting Spanish program to many more across Maryland and the USA.

She loves to travel and be with her family and friends. She is an active volunteer for initiatives that support women, education, and diversity.



Dolly Bermudez
Founder & Director

Marta was born and raised in Santiago, Chile where she studied tourism and hospitality management. She moved to Maryland in 2001 with her two daughters who are now in college.
Before coming to teach with us, she volunteered with schools, a church newsletter, health care initiates for Latinos, and a women’s shelter, using her Spanish to bring awareness and help the community.
Marta is passionate about working with children and encouraging second-language learning to create opportunities, and multi-cultural safe spaces. She is happy to be working with The Language & Cultural Club. 

Marta Caicedo
​Head & Back-up Teacher
Rosa was born and raised in Colombia, where she studied Architectural studies at Catholic University in Bogota.  She moved to Maryland in 2006, and she studied English at Howard Community College, where she received a recognition award as the Hardest Worker in English studies in 2009.

Rosa is a proud mother of three smart young ladies, each of them speaking more than three languages.  She is a firm believer in bilingual education, and she enjoys working with children. 
She likes reading and traveling with her family.

​Rosa Giraldo
​Head & Back-up Teacher

Olga is originally Russian, but she lived many years in Spain, the country she fell in love with from the first day. She started learning Spanish once she came off the plane in Barcelona, and it did not take her long, as she majored in linguistics and was already speaking English and German.

She has a master degree in education, and she has taught in elementary, middle, and high schools, outside of USA though, but Ishe believes that if you have the skills and the proper approach to kids, you can educate anywhere in the world :-)
Olga has organized Spanish language training courses for the foreigners coming to work in Spain and she gave classes as well. 

Based on her teaching experience, she is convinced that the language immersion is the best way to teach kids Spanish, and to promote their interest in the language, and other cultures. 


     Olga Kazakova

Liset Tuduri was born in Cuba, and she holds a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design and Art Direction.

She studied in the Instituto Superior de Diseno Industrial, and then, she post-graduated in Art Direction Studies at Escuela Internacional de Cine y Television, both colleges in the city of Havana.

She has lived in the United States since 2000, and in Maryland, since 2016. She has five kids, three of them, on her own. Two of them are in college, and three, in high school. She has lived among three stars so far and has worked since for Walnut Valley USD, Chino Valley USD, Los Angeles, CA. and Oklahoma Public School System, McAlester, OK.

Here in Maryland, she has volunteered from day one for the Howard County Public School System and held a PTA chair as president of a parent advocacy group for the Latino community. She has a passion for teaching, and she loves working with kids.




​Liset Tuduri

Born in Chile but raised in the United States, Valentina has learned to thrive in a bicultural and bilingual world. 

Valentina graduated from HCPSS in 2014. While in high school, she was involved in sports and with student service learning, Spanish tutoring and Latino student clubs. During her time at Howard Community College, she volunteered as a classroom volunteer for the CORE program for adults with developmental disabilities and as an English tutor for international students.

She graduated in 2016 with Rouse honors. She then transferred to University of Maryland where she minored in Spanish language and culture and got involved with social justice groups on campus. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from in 2018.
Valentina loves working with children. She's taught science summer camp classes before coming to teach with us at TLCC and worked as an assistant math and reading summer school teacher in Baltimore City.  



Valentina Cabrera
​Editor, Assistant and Back-up Teacher

Alicia is a smart and talented young student, who is a junior at Towson University. She volunteers as an editor, and a classroom aide when she is available or during winter breaks.  She is fully bilingual (English - Spanish) and she helps with classroom tasks and engaging activities.
She enjoys working with children and shares her artistic skills with our students.  She is one of our very enthusiastic volunteers, who makes it very easy and fun to learn Spanish.
Alicia Martinez
​Student Volunteer

Natalia Giraldo is a bright, dedicated, and jovial community leader.
She has a Bachelors of Arts in Arabic Studies at University of Maryland, where she received the Award of Academic Excellence through the Office of Multi-Ethnic Education (OMES) in 2015.  In addition to Arabic, she speaks Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and English. She loves working for the community, and was appointed as the chairperson for the Howard County Head Start Community Action Council in 2014.
She states that teaching Spanish with The Language & Cultural Club has been one of the most rewarding experiences, because this language will give our children the opportunity to transcend barriers.


     Natalia Giraldo
​Head Teacher

Giovanna has been part of TLCC since 2013. She had enriched our program with her experience in bilingual education.
Born in Peru, and with an impressive background in Linguistics and Bilingual Education, she is always creating awareness of Latino Culture and implementing work material to the curriculum. Before teaching with us at TLCC, she taught Spanish at Howard Community College to intermediate and advanced level students. She also has been a Spanish tutor. Children love her classes!    

She states “there is nothing more rewarding than to see a child when he or she says something in Spanish and realizes how easily they can say a word that sounds totally different from their mother tongue. I must say the TLCC Spanish Immersion program offers a quite detailed curriculum, where language acquisition is built around culture, connection, and community in order to create awareness, not only for the language but for the speaker.



​Giovanna Carbonaro
​Head Teacher